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Lisa Hickman


Lisa dedicates her life creating, working in, and evolving businesses with missions of service.  Her education, licenses, experience, and perseverance have resulted in the 5th largest woman owned business in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Lisa began her life of service in social work, where she did in-home therapy for children with disabilities and facilitated community programs. Lisa has been a part of local business community for decades. She is a licensed private investigator, an instructor for the community college of beaver county, a certified life coach, a licensed massage therapist and a certified reiki practitioner. Lisa practices a specialized service of intuitive reiki energy healing. 

Her journey has been a compilation of her lifestyle and visions of helping others, help themselves through fact finding, compassion and options.

Lisa's selective process of choosing healers and colleagues represents her vision of support and guidance.  This unique combination of health products, service, and research has resulted in a wellness boutique, housing several businesses to provide options to her clients. 

You are met where you are, and gently guided to your chosen destination of wellness. 

Allison McKenzie


Allison has worked with the public for the past 15 years through customer service, management positions, and health most recently in the health care field. She is a registered medical assistant and hold various other certifications, including a CBD Physiology and Health certificate for medical professionals. Allison’s true passion in life is serving others and making them smile.

Allison is excited about managing the businesses of Health Cove and the Recovery Room for the purpose of healing and helping our

valued clients and customers.

Nikki Elias



Nikki’s primary area of expertise as a a licensed massage therapist, is therapeutic deep tissue massage. 

Nikki’s bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and extensive training, experience, certifications, and licensure leads to highly skilled and flawless deep tissue techniques.

Nikki has previous experience massaging in Spa settings and years of training in chiropractic establishments.   

Melinda Stevenson


Melinda has mastered massage and energy work.

She has specialized in several alternative techniques, including but not limited to: Reiki, Cupping, Thai massage, and Chi Nie Tsang.

Melinda has been an academic and clinical massage instructor for 10 years, preparing students for licensure.  She is also a Certified CPR Instructor.  Melinda has extensive experience providing therapeutic massage in chiropractic facilities.

Hannah Tulley


Hannah has over 10 years of experience in customer service and in positions helping others.

As a licensed massage therapist, she she enjoys and excels at many techniques ranging from relaxing Swedish massage to Therapeutic deep tissue massage, and also specializes in Gua Sha.

Hannah Tulley


Michelle is a licensed massage therapist and a registered nurse, with over 15 years of experience treating patients.

Four years ago, she decided that she wanted to explore energy techniques, so she became a reiki practitioner as well.

she enjoys helping her clients create well-being on the inside and out. 



Ashley is a caring licensed massage therapist who enjoys using different techniques including Swedish Massage, Stretching, and Reflexology.

Her strong and confident therapeutic style is seamlessly integrated with compassionate touch and a genuine love for the healing arts. She believes total health is achieved through balance and wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Most importantly she wants every client to leave with a smile.

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